Monday, September 5, 2011

Together for MML3!

Soon, I will be releasing all of my new blog posts in multiple languages, and I hope you guys will be able to see all of the new ones! I can't wait to hear from all of you about my papercrafts! I decided to start here!

Pronto estaré publicando mi blog en múltiples idiomas y espero que puedan leer todas las cosas nuevas que publicaré. ¡No puedo esperar al día en el que pueda escuchar todos sus comentarios sobre mis modelos de papel!
Em breve, eu irei lançar vários dos meus posts do meu novo blog em multiplas línguas,
e eu espero que vocês possam ver todos os posts novos! Mal posso esperar para ouvir comentáriosde todos sobre os meus modelos de papel!
 So far all I have is english, spanish, portugese, and japanese, however I will try to release more! 
Also, new models finished by Dashe Troxon!


  1. Are you still with us? Havent heard from you in ages. Hope your ok :D


  2. Oh yes, I will send these to you soon.

  3. Cool! Its just good to know your ok :D

  4. Unrelated, but I heard you are using the N64 models instead of the PS1 models. Although the graphics are a bit lower, aren't the textures the same? If they are, Sprites INC ( has some textures from the PlayStation version, if you need them for better papercrafts. (Not that they are bad, I love them! :) But they will be even better!)

  5. hola como estan por favor ayudenme soy fanatico de megaman legends donde puedo descargar los modelos para armarlos